Claris Carrasco

Birth Date: 18 02 1994
Fav. Spot: Rock Island (Philippines)
SHB Smoothie: Rojo
SHB Meal: Veggie burguer
Surfing Maneuvre: Cutback
Other interests: Viajar en busca de nuevos rincones y el deporte como terapia esencial.

Being half Korean and a Barceloneta local is pretty special. Claris is one of our favorite riders. She started surfing in Razo (Galicia) when she was 15 and hasn't stopped getting better since. You'll find her in the water or ripping at the skatepark whenever she's not studying. Her awesome skating plays a big roll in her surfing style, always trying some radical move in the water and surprising everyone. We suspect she might be getting all her power thanks to our smoothies and juices.

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