Helen Saigi

Birth Date: 31 07 1997
Fav. Spot: Balangan. Bali
SHB Smoothie: Oreo Milkshake
SHB Meal: Classic Burger & Rice Paper Rolls!
Surfing Maneuvre: Reentry Cutback
Other interests: Traveling. Tattoo, dance, snowboard, skate and wakeboard.

Helen Saigi A tattoo artist and a stylish surfer in her free time, Helena is one of the best surfer girls in Barcelona and surroundings. Being only 20 years old and surfing since she was 16, her dream is to live in a place loaded with perfect waves. Snowboarding is another of her favourite hobbies and she used to be a great skateboarder, but had to quit in order to take care of her hands so she could keep tattooing the beauful art pieces she does.

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